Windsurf Clinic with Miriam Rasmussen

Join my windsurfing clinic in windsurfing paradise, Soma bay in Egypt! The clinics are intended on intermediates, you must be able to do planing and tacking, and go upwind. Also for more experienced riders that need a little push to get the jibe right or simply want to go faster. We bring demo gear from Loftsails, Patrik windsurfing, Gasoil fins and Unifiber windsurfing equipment so you can test different stuff from what you’re used to, which will help you to choose the right kind of gear the next time you’re upgrading. We stay at Surfmotion centre, and live at Sentido palm royale hotel with an all-inclusive package.

The sailing area is sheltered from waves by sandbanks and reefs and is very suited for doing clinics, as the instructors (we are two) can stand on a shallow part in the middle of the sailing area and communicate with the participants thus facilitating the learning process. We host small groups only in order to ensure a one-to-one learning situation which in our experience is very helpful to unveil the mysteries of windsurfing.

The day will consist of two 2.5 hour sessions, with time for free-sailing inbetween. On no-wind days we do lightwind jibe and tack training, rigging/trim tips and other discussions. We also bring 2 foils for anyone to try. In the evenings we dine together, and discuss our challenges.